We needed to update our branding.  We knew the logo wasn't as modern as we'd like, but never realized what makes up a "brand."  Working with South of North enlightened us to those little details we blindly forgot about.                                                      

​                              Dereck Goodwin,  Apollo Institute

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We had the fortune of meeting with the South of North team when we were in crisis.  As a healthcare provider, we found ourselves struggling to find new patients.  Working with Kate's team, we were able to expand our program offerings and connect to new referral partners.  The team worked with us to re-establish our brand, not change it, like we thought we needed to do.  With new messaging, collateral, and marketing plan, we have grown our business by 300% in lives served  and $18 million in revenue.                                         

                   Glenn Vento,  Covenant Hospice and Palliative Care                                  


our clients say ... 

There is nothing this team can't do! Partnering with them for the past 3 years, I very much valued their knowledge, strategic vision and consistent drive for excellence; and hope to partner with them again in the very near future!

       Katie Tillmar, Waterstone Mortgage Corporation

As a business professional who has worked with many marketing firms over the years, Kate and her team stand out as one of the best. They understand the value of multi- channel marketing  and were one of the first to adopt digital solutions into a marketing plan.                                               Jay Johnston, MiJS Media Group 


Working with Kate and her team has been awesome.  Never before had I felt that our brand was understood by other agencies we've worked with.  We appreciated how the team was responsive and nimble to make the changes we needed.                               

                           Karen Hammel,  Old Country Brands

Kate's energy is enthusiastic, she manages her vendors with trust, Trust to fulfill what's promised & then verifies an obligation was fulfilled. It has been a pleasure working with this team. 
                                           Jay Johnston, MiJS Media Group