Kristen Kubisiak

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just a singer in a rock n roll band.  

Julie Straszewski

loves all things green and gold. coffee for fuel. golden retrievers.

Kate Bertram

Kate Bertram is a marketing executive with more than 20 years of marketing operations, creative design, media buying and advertising, and program development experience. Kate’s expertise includes strategic market planning and development, market studies and research, and campaign performance improvement. She has led marketing teams from situational analysis to implementation and control. Kate has worked with clients in a variety of sectors including manufacturing, non-profits, health care, education, small businesses and even start-ups. Kate believes that an effective marketing plan starts with understanding the client's business. Then,  the South of North team is able to guide the client through the journey. Kate's entrepreneurial spirit keeps the flame burning to set the campaign on fire.  


Aside from her passion for the firm, Kate and her husband, Dan, have two daughters, Reese and Stella. Kate gets into the creative zone with her canine sidekick, Cooper, who frequently makes an appearance in meetings. Kate serves on several area corporate and non-profit Boards of Directors and volunteers her time and talents.  She is also an adjunct instructor at Mount Mary University.

Christine Wied

Kristen is a master of language.  She uses her expert writing skills to develop content that support the objectives at hand.  Kristen builds from creative briefs to really understand the vision of each campaign. To Kristen, successful marketing campaigns are driven by innovative and researched strategies. She draws from data insights to map out creative campaigns, and every content piece is mapped back to personas, analytics, strategic objectives and audience engagement.


When Kristen is not working on content, she spends her time traveling the world. Her natural curiosity is the driver to wanting to explore the world. She is also mama to her dog, Nola, who loves to travel with her as well. Kristen is a fitness guru with an affinity for a good workout.

Christine meets with prospective clients to understand if their business needs are a match to the solutions of South of North. Christine manages the customer journey, offers South of North expertise in developing our client base, networking and project management needs.  


When Christine is not partnering with our clients, she spends time with her husband, Tom, and their two sons.  As a #boymom, Christine spends "quality" time in front of the windshield ensuring that her boys and husband get what they need and where they need to go.  Christine loves summers in Milwaukee and enjoys the weekend festivals that the city is famous for.

comfortable running shoes. rescuing animals. mcDonald's diet coke.

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Nicole Lepke

At South of North, Julie delivers marketing solutions that are relevant, integrated and well-aligned to business objectives. She has a talent for transforming complex subject matter into easy-to-understand, jargon-free content that informs, educates and engages the audience. She’s a bit of a grammar geek, too.  Julie builds relationships by listening first, asking the big questions and producing thoughtful strategies that build brands. Before joining South of North, Julie contributed 20+ years to an in-house agency, where she helped transform the customer communication lifecycle, resulting in two national ClearMark awards.  


When she’s not keeping her finger on the beat at South of North, she’s keeping the beat as percussionist and singer with a local band that includes her husband. This family affair provides the creative outlet that rounds out her role of “boymom” to her best production ever, her sons.

Nicole believes that great design and a keen attention to every detail are her passions. The ability to uphold the integrity of a brand's identity while promoting specific ideas is something she does on a daily freelance basis. With expert knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, Nicole is able to focus on the projects at hand. From logo design to creative campaigns,  she continuously strives to stay abreast of current design trends and best practices, and our clients expect that.  


When Nicole is not working (and drinking coffee), she spends quality time with her husband, Josh, and their three children. She is a bit obsessed with all things creepy, especially novelist Stephen King, even traveling across the country to attend a reading from the man himself. She loves 80's  hair bands and has been known to muscle her way to the front row to watch her favorite bands  (ahem, Poison and Def Leppard) perform.